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Get Ahead of Southern Rust

June 30, 2017
This agronomic image shows southern rust.

Although not yet a problem, Syngenta agronomists recommend corn growers in eastern IA to consider the likelihood of Southern rust this season, especially if the heat continues. The pathogen, which is currently showing up in the southern part of the country, has the ability to travel long distances in the wind and spread in corn fields.

Agronomists from the Slater, IA Grow More™ Experience site are keeping an eye out for the disease on their trial acres, and are advising growers to take precautions to avoid yield loss down the road:

  • Scouting corn fields: Getting into the fields and scouting is one of the most effective ways to watch out for the disease. Southern rust will cause symptoms such as pustules on the upper leaves, pathogens densely packed on the leaf surface and leaves to turn orange/light brown.
  • Apply a fungicide: Trivapro® fungicide provides preventive and curative control of Southern rust. Not only does Trivapro provide disease control, but it also delivers crop enhancement benefits including protecting green leaf tissue to maximize grain fill and improving stalk quality and strength for reduced lodging which leads to higher yields and return on investment.

Growers can check the Integrated Pest Management website to see where Southern rust is being spotted across the country.

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