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Gear up for the 2022 Soybean Season With These Weed Management Tips

November 19, 2021
up-close picture of a soybean row

An up-close picture of a soybean row growing in the early season

An increased resistance to herbicides has growers working overtime to stay ahead of the game and keep weeds out of their fields. Using a herbicide with multiple effective sites of action can help manage resistant weeds before they become established. Continue scouting for weeds in your fields throughout the upcoming growing season to stay on top of them and avoid letting weeds gain the upper hand. Follow these tips and see how you can stay on top of weeds.

Overwintering Weeds Can Cause Problems Both Visible and Hidden

Don’t let overwintering weeds take over your field and rob potential yield. Overwintering weeds germinate in the fall and can cause problems this spring. If allowed to go to seed, weed seed can remain viable for years and spread to other fields.

Overwintering weeds can also be a host to an abundance of unwanted pests. One yield-robbing killer is Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN). SCN can feed on the roots of overwintering weeds and complete several lifecycles in a single season.

The 2-Fold Benefit of Faster Canopy Closure in Soybeans

In late spring, the race is on for soybeans to emerge quickly and uniformly. With a quicker canopy closure, soybeans will face less competition from weeds for necessities such as moisture, sunlight and nutrients.

With a strong start to the season, growers can focus on crops and not weeds. When stopping weeds early in the season, this can result in greater yields at harvest time.

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Helpful Tips for Preparing for Next Season’s Weed Management Fight

Every growing season brings unique challenges. But finding an effective resistance management program doesn’t have to be difficult. When planning your herbicide system for next year, consider a season-long program of overlapping residuals, including a burndown, preemergence and post-emergence treatment. This can help eliminate weeds throughout the season and reduce your fields’ weed seed bank.

Choose the best program for you

Tavium Plus VaporGrip Technology herbicide is the first dicamba herbicide premix that controls the weeds you see and the weeds you don’t see yet. Delivering a consistent yield increase of 2 bu/A1 and a flexible application window from burndown through weed emergence, fitting into various tillage systems and geographies.

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1 2017 university trials: Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Nebraska, Tennessee, Wisconsin

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Product performance assumes disease presence.

Performance assessments are based upon results or analysis of public information, field observations and/or internal Syngenta evaluations. Trials reflect treatment rates commonly recommended in the marketplace.

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