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Fungicide Application Can Help Protect Your Yield from Drought Stress

July 22, 2022
soybean field with corn field in the background

The U.S. Drought Monitor reports that the Midwest is facing unusually severe drought conditions, putting corn and soybean yields at risk. In hot and dry conditions, fields may have low disease pressure, but they could experience symptoms of drought stress. Drought stress can have several adverse effects on your corn and soybeans including reduced nutrient availability, leaf roll up and stunted root growth.

Disease management is key to retaining your bottom line, and a well-timed fungicide application with added plant-health benefits can help protect your yield all the way to harvest.

  1. Fungicides help keep plants greener, longer by improving light absorption rates.

With drought stress comes slower photosynthesis. This can lead to reduced plant size, decreased standability and lower nutrient levels. In this case, a fungicide can improve plant health by increasing the leaves’ capacity for light absorption.

  1. Fungicides can help crops thrive in stressful conditions like drought by improving water-use efficiency.

Fungicides can help to lower transpiration rates in leaves while maintaining photosynthesis, helping to withstand drought stress conditions, longer.

  1. Fungicides help increase harvest efficiency, by improving stalk health and reducing pod shattering.

Improved water-use efficiency can also help improve stalk health and pod fill, reducing dry down and pod shattering at harvest, which can help you have a more profitable and efficient harvest.

With a fungicide application, you can rest assured that your crop is protected from disease and the effects of drought stress. For both corn and soybeans, we recommend a preventive application of Miravis® Neo fungicide, which provides unmistakably superior performance and plant-health benefits.

Miravis Neo is powered by Adepidyn® technology – one of the highest-performing SDHI modes of action available – which directly impacts your plant’s ability to transpire and retain moisture, protecting your yield from the effects of drought stress.

If you’re on the fence about making a fungicide application this season, consider how Miravis Neo could help keep your crop cleaner and greener by helping protect your yield from disease, drought stress and harvestability issues. When you combine higher potential yield and greater harvest efficiency you also gain greater time and fuel efficiency, meaning a lower cost per bushel per acre and a better deal at harvest.

To calculate the ROI savings you could see with Miravis Neo, visit our new revenue calculator and see how Miravis Neo can help you save more bushels more often.

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