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Four Tips for Choosing Your Wheat Seed

November 15, 2017
This agronomic image shows wheat.

As fall harvest wraps up, now is a good time to review the successes and struggles of this past season to determine how to improve in the season to come. When looking at seed selection, choosing a strong wheat variety can increase both yield potential and stability, leading to a potentially better harvest.

There are several things to consider when choosing your preferred seed:

  • While high yield is a factor, choosing stable varieties that can perform consistently in different environments throughout the years is important.
  • Look at summarized data of the past few years, which can help you understand the risks and benefits of your selected seed.
  • Choose the variety that, on average, performs the best at locations near your farm during the past several years.
  • If planting is delayed past optimum planting dates, consider a variety that will offer strong winter hardiness and the ability to produce tillers late into the spring.

AgriPro® brand wheat varieties are strong performers that consistently rank in the top yield group in every region in North America. These varieties offer best-in-class disease packages, leading agronomics, outstanding yields and high end-use quality.

To learn more or to find a local AgriPro Associate, visit www.agriprowheat.com.

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