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Four Considerations When Choosing Your Corn Herbicide

October 6, 2020
This agronomic image hows corn tassels

With so many corn herbicides on the market today, it can be hard to choose which one to use. Like with any financial investment, as you make decisions for next season it’s important to conduct a thorough evaluation of your herbicide options and see how they fit with your goals.

Important herbicide characteristics to consider include:

  • The spectrum of weeds to control.
  • Length of residual.
  • Application flexibility.
  • Potential return on investment.

When evaluating types of herbicides and how to tackle weed resistance, balance the cost of the application with the control it provides and the resulting yield benefits. Your herbicide should control the toughest yield-robbing weeds and deliver additional benefits to protect your yield and ROI potential.

Here are 4 essentials to look for when choosing your corn herbicide:

1.) Powerful weed control: Early-season weeds are one of the biggest threats to yield potential you face each season. Sarah Lancaster, Ph.D., assistant professor and extension specialist at Kansas State University, says that as the prevalence of herbicide-resistant weeds increases, the importance of excellent weed control to reduce the deposition of resistant weed seeds into the soil seed bank also increases. Reducing the seed bank is an important strategy for managing weed control costs in future years. While you might appear to avoid yield losses if you skimp on weed control in the short term, you will likely pay a penalty of increased weed management costs in subsequent years.

Read more about the importance of powerful weed control.

2.) Longest-lasting residual: A herbicide program with long-lasting residual control helps ensure weeds are managed throughout the entire growing season and can require fewer applications to prevent weeds from going to seed.

Learn more about how long-lasting residual control can be a wall of defense against the toughest weeds.

3.) Proven crop safety: It’s critical that growers use a corn herbicide that has been proven to deliver excellent preemergence and post-emergence crop safety, even in adverse weather conditions.

Read more about the importance of protecting your yield potential and not hurting your crop.

4.) Effective sites of action and unique active ingredients: Not all corn herbicide components have the same level of value.

Learn more about slowing down resistance development by switching up your herbicide program with multiple effective sites of action and powerful active ingredients.

Acuron® corn herbicide is the only product to combine all 4 benefits into one herbicide. All of these factors combine to provide powerful weed control that other products miss, and to deliver 5 to 15 more bushels per acre than any other herbicide.*

Calculate the extra revenue potential you could find next season with Acuron.

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