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Following the Best Treated Seed Stewardship

April 26, 2023
Rows of soybeans

Rows of soybeans

As planting season arrives once again, BeSure! you’re staying up-to-date with stewardship best management practices. Studies show that planting equipment is highly effective in placing seeds in the soil, but there is still potential for spillage at the loading site, field point of entry and turn rows. If any seeds are spilled at or beyond these common areas, immediately cover the seed with soil to prevent birds from eating seeds left on the surface.

At the same time, read and follow the label for directions on proper storage, use and disposal details, as well as information on safety, dust minimization and pollinator protection. Simple steps can be taken to help safeguard pollinator health and habitats, including:

  • Eliminating flowering plants and weeds near your fields.
  • Observing wind speed and direction to manage possible dust.
  • Communicating with local beekeepers.
  • Using advanced seed flow lubricants, aligning with the planter’s manufacturer recommendations.
  • Having a plan in place for potential spills and leftover treated seed.

For more tips and best practices to apply treated seeds safely and responsibly, please visit https://growingmatters.org/besure.

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