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Five Tips for Integrated SCN Management

June 30, 2017
This agronomic image shows early season soybeans

During our Seedcare™ Showcase at the Slater, IA Grow More Experience site this month, we advised that growers use an integrated management program to protect crops.

Here are 5 management recommendations that together can help prevent SCN infestations:

  • Sample soils: Depending on the previously planted crops, growers may want to consider sampling their soils. If planting soybeans followed by soybeans, sampling is best done immediately following harvest; however, if a grower is planting soybeans following a non-host crop such as corn or alfalfa, they can wait until after fall tillage.
  • Plant SCN-resistant varieties: Growers should consider planting NK® Soybeans with built-in resistance to SCN for added protection.
  • Use a seed-applied nematicide: Clariva Complete Beans® seed treatment, a combination of separately registered products, provides season-long, lethal activity against SCN and complements resistant varieties.
  • Non-host crop rotation: Rotating between soybeans and non-host crops can also reduce the likelihood of SCN for future seasons.

Contact your local NK retailer or Syngenta representative for more information.

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