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Five Considerations for Planning Corn Weed Control Programs

February 7, 2017
Agronomic image of young corn field

It might not look identical from state to state, town to town or even field to field, but weed pressure is just about everywhere. According to an Iowa State University Extension field agronomist, weeds are developing herbicide resistance faster than ever. Since no new herbicides are expected to solve these resistance issues in the near future, it’s important to use current options as effectively as possible.

We recommend planning a comprehensive weed control program that includes cultural practices as well as herbicides. An Iowa State University Extension field agronomist suggests to consider the following when fighting weed resistance:

Season-long weed management is essential to keeping clean corn fields. Knowing that everyone has a unique set of challenges and that weed control can seem complicated, Syngenta offers the following herbicides to fight weed resistance:

  • Acuron® corn herbicide helps defeats tough weeds through its powerful combination of 4 active ingredients and 3 modes of action. Bicyclopyrone helps Acuron deliver a step change in weed management with greater consistency of control and broader spectrum control of weeds such as cocklebur, morningglory, ragweed and Russian thistle.
  • Lumax® EZ and Lexar® EZ corn herbicides contain 3 active ingredients and 3 modes of action and are also excellent choices for pre-emergence weed control in corn.
  • Halex® GT corn herbicide tank mixed with atrazine or dicamba helps controls grass and broadleaf weeds until crop canopy for total post-emergence weed control and long-lasting residual in glyphosate-tolerant corn.

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