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First-time Golden Harvest Grower Ranks Hybrid Among ‘Best Ever’

November 29, 2016

Buda, IL: For Doug Newman, owner-operator of Legacy Oaks Farms, farming has been a family profession for three generations. It’s a way of life that offers a level of independence that can’t be found anywhere else.

As part of Newman’s independent streak, he is always trying new brands of hybrids. This year, he chose to plant Golden Harvest® Corn for the first time, a decision that has paid dividends.

“We had some wind events come through in June and July, and we had some hybrids that went down. I’m happy to say that Golden Harvest wasn’t one of them,” Newman said. “As we start to harvest, all of the Golden Harvest hybrids have stood well and stalk quality looks good.”

Golden Harvest hybrid G14R38 brand performed particularly well.

“That hybrid was right there with the best we’ve ever seen,” Newman said. “We’re certainly happy with that.”

Golden Harvest hybrid G107F23-3111 brand impressed him, too. It includes the Agrisure Viptera® trait, which offers the most comprehensive corn insect control for more, high-quality grain.

“I couldn’t find any problems with that plant through the entire growing stage,” Newman said. “I would certainly be interested in planting more of that in the future.”

As he evaluates hybrids for next season, Newman said it’s most important to him to consider:

  • How efficiently the hybrid used nitrogen and other nutrients
  • The yield it produced
  • Whether the hybrid needed extra inputs to perform well

After his first year planting Golden Harvest hybrids, Newman feels confident they will serve him well in the future.


Grower Doug Newman (left) takes a break from harvest to speak to Kurt Varland, Seed Advisor Manager at Syngenta. Newman was a first-time Golden Harvest Corn grower in 2016 and plans to return for more in 2017.

All photos are either the property of Syngenta or are used with permission.

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