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First There was Rain, Then There Were Weeds

July 3, 2017

For one grower in Missouri, the 2017 growing season began with a bumpy start. Having used competitive products for years, his field was experiencing high grass pressure so he made the switch to Acuron® corn herbicide. Since Acuron provides the most consistent control, this grower anticipated an easier growing season.

What the grower did not expect was smooth crabgrass appearing 21 days after Acuron had been applied. Two Syngenta reps assessed the situation in the field and quickly found the problem: the weather was inconsistent, so there hadn’t been an activating rain event for two weeks after the product had been applied.

Moisture is critical for any herbicide to activate. And since Acuron wasn’t able to be activated with rainfall, it couldn’t do its job. But what it lacked in the beginning, it more than made up for a week later when it rained 3 inches.

From that point on, the grower not only observed the unique, broad-spectrum control Acuron has to offer, but he also got to witness it reaching-back to destroy all pre-existing weeds. As you can see in the pictures below, Acuron was quickly able to eliminate the grower’s crabgrass infestation.

Acuron Picture Acuron photo 2 acuron photo 3

From left to right: Smooth crabgrass emerged before Acuron activation. After Acuron activation, crabgrass numbers start to diminish. Acuron, fully activated, reached back and killed off remaining crabgrass. 

The season may have had a bumpy start, but it is back on track now. This grower, and his 3,000+ acres, is looking forward to a successful year with Acuron.

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