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Fight Post-Harvest Disease in Apples with Another Tool in the (Storage) Shed

November 15, 2021
healthy apples growing in tree

Summer has ended, and apple harvest is here. Unfortunately, the season is not all about eating pies and bobbing for apples. Rather, fruit packers are on high alert for economically damaging post-harvest diseases. A good post-harvest protection plan reduces the risk of loss.

According to Heather Ambuehl, post-harvest lead at Syngenta, Bull’s-eye rot (Neofabraea malacorticis), Blue mold (Penicillium expansum), and Gray mold (Botrytis cinerea) are common post-harvest pathogens that affect pome fruits, like apples and pears. For added protection during storage, she recommends an application with high efficacy that also manages for resistance.

Academy ™ fungicide, a post-harvest, pre-mix for pome fruit, meets those needs. The blend of fludioxonil and difenoconazole is a much-needed, effective resistance management tool in apples, she says. By introducing these 2 active ingredients, growers manage against resistance and control post-harvest pathogens in apples.

Listen to Ambuehl explain the importance of post-harvest management:

To learn more about Academy and protecting your apples post-harvest, contact your Syngenta sales representative.

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