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Fight Grass and Broadleaf Weed Threats in Cereals

April 28, 2020
This agronomic image shows foxtail

Foxtail weed

Across the U.S., growers are facing more herbicide resistance in fields, leading to challenging management decisions. If you grow wheat and barley, you are likely fighting the battle on 2 fronts, with fields under siege from both grass and broadleaf weeds. To combat resistance and control grasses and broadleaf weeds in your crop, this will require herbicides with multiple effective sites of action.

Single Treatment Solution

Tank mixing the wrong combination can reduce the effectiveness of 1 or several active ingredients, which can cause the application to fail. This phenomenon is known as herbicide antagonism, and researchers identify several reasons why it might occur:

  • Antagonism can be the result of chemical interactions between the active ingredients in the mixing tank.
  • Antagonism can be due to competition for the same active site in the weeds cells.
  • Antagonism can occur when a weed’s metabolic response to 1 herbicide reduces the effect of the other.

When antagonistic herbicides are applied, the grass weeds remain more viable than they would with separate grass and broadleaf herbicide applications.

The Right Combination

Separate applications require a second pass, which costs additional time and money. We recommend a combination of Talinor® and Axial® Bold herbicides for 1-pass broadleaf and grass weed control. This powerful combination produces minimal antagonism and provides broad-spectrum control of grass weeds like wild oat, yellow foxtail and Italian ryegrass, as well as 45 different broadleaf weeds.

To find out more about weeds and how to treat them, check out the Talinor Know Your Weeds quiz.

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