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Fall Armyworm Infestation Calls for Swift Management

August 25, 2021

Fall armyworm

Southern growers are seeing record-setting numbers of fall armyworms invade their fields early this year. Unfortunately, a combination of late planting, replanting and delayed herbicide applications are leaving crops – especially soybeans – vulnerable to damage. With potential yield loss of 15-50%, growers are justifiably concerned.

Researchers at the University of Illinois identify the fall armyworm as a seasonal migrant that comes from southern TX and FL to the Midwest in August. According to Kevin Rice, entomologist at the University of Missouri Extension, infested fields may appear drought damaged as the pest feeds on host plant species, damaging forages by eating through the tender top leaf layer and leaving holes. Because fall armyworms spread quickly throughout green pastures and fields, scouting is the best way to determine if and how many fall armyworms are present.

For fall armyworm control in the Southeast and Mid-South, we recommend Besiege® insecticide. Besiege offers excellent knockdown and long-lasting residual of the most difficult to control lepidopteran pests and other economically important pests. Besiege contains 2 active ingredients and uses dual modes of action against key insect pests for resistance management.

For fall armyworm control in the Midwest, we recommend Endigo® ZC insecticide for quick knockdown and extended residual control of key foliar insect pests in soybeans and cotton, among other crops. Applying Endigo ZC will provide you with insect and disease protection, resulting in a higher potential yield. The treatment contains 2 active ingredients and provides quick trans-stemic movement into leaves for better, longer protection.

Another option for fall armyworm control in the Midwest is Warrior II with Zeon Technology® insecticide that can be used in alfalfa, field corn, and soybeans, among other crops.

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