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Faced with Pressurized Planting Timeline? Try Strong Wheat Varieties

May 2, 2018
This agronomic image shows a tractor planting wheat.

You may be lured into cutting corners when you think of all the planting you need to get done this spring. This temptation may be especially strong for those in the north-central U.S. where there is more diversity in planted crops. You may have seen what happens when a builder cuts corners; avoid that same fate for your wheat fields by sticking to a strong foundational plan.

Knowing each day beyond optimum spring wheat planting date can mean 1.5% less yield, it is critical to make the most of what you plant. This starts with the seed.

Start with quality, end with quality

Certified seed is especially important in cool, moist soils where the seed’s ability to germinate may be compromised. When seed is certified, it has been tested by state certification departments for quality and other characteristics. This involves selecting seeds of uniform size that have achieved specific ratings for vigor and germination. Planting seed that has met these germination requirements means there is less worry about stand establishment and replanting.

When faced with reduced yield potential because of planting date, it’s even more critical to plant varieties that are consistent, top-yield performers to spread risk. AgriPro® wheat varieties are among the most planted and top-yielding in ND. Our broad testing program ensures we have a clear picture of each variety’s disease defense package, agronomic characteristics, and yield and quality capabilities. These research efforts ensure our varieties can be appropriately matched to field needs.

  • SY Ingmar is a well-rounded variety from MN to MT with high protein.
  • SY Valda consistently delivers top yield for MN and ND growers.
  • SY Rockford is our newest variety that handled the stress well in western ND and into MT last year while delivering balanced yield and protein.

By planting certified, top-quality seed, you can help ward off the yield drag from delayed planting and ensure your crop emerges strong. And with condensed planting windows, knowing your spring wheat has a strong foundation gives you peace of mind as you move to the next task.

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