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Explore Grow More Experience Virtual Tours in the South

February 1, 2023
Shallowater, TX, Grow More Experience site sign

Welcome sign at the Shallowater, TX, Grow More™ Experience site.

Testing new products on your fields can be daunting. For years, Grow More Experience sites have conducted trials across the country to test the performance of crop protection products in different geographies and growing conditions. Learnings and yield data from these trials allow you to see how products might perform on your own crops, so you don’t have to try them for the first time yourself. You can now explore these trial results and insights from across the South through the Virtual Grow More Experience YouTube Playlist.

Local agronomists walk through various trials, showcasing the efficacy of planned 2-pass herbicide programs,  disease management options, and more. Here are some examples:

  • At the Shallowater, TX, Grow More Experience site, Syngenta Agronomy Service Representative Brent Besler showcases a grain sorghum trial and discusses:
    • The importance of controlling weeds like Palmer amaranth and annual grass, particularly in areas facing continuous drought. When nutrients and resources your crops need to grow are already strained, managing weeds becomes even more crucial.
    • How a planned 2-pass herbicide program helps ensure your grain sorghum is protected throughout the season and helps stop troublesome weeds before they emerge.
  • As you explore the playlist, you’ll find additional trial results from the Tupelo, AR, Grow More Experience site. Syngenta Agronomy Service Representative Keith Driggs showcases the difference plant health and disease control in soybean plots treated with Syngenta and competitor fungicides.

Visit the Virtual Grow More Experience YouTube Playlist to see additional information on corn trials, Group 15 herbicides and more.

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