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Expert Provides Insights for Cotton Growers

September 17, 2021
stink bug on cotton leaf

Early scouting is vital to manage stink bugs in cotton.

In a recent interview, Clint Thompson, broadcaster at Southeast AgNet Radio Network, spoke with Brock Ward, retail business representative at Syngenta, about the importance of scouting in order to manage stink bugs in cotton and what growers should look for in their fields.

Here is a summary of that interview:

  • Scouting is the best management tactic to stay ahead of stink bugs in cotton, giving growers a good idea of whether or not they’re facing pest pressure. It helps confirm the need for an insecticide application – or avoid an unnecessary one. It also ensures that stink bugs are present so growers can avoid applying insecticides when they are not needed.
  • Wet weather this summer has helped with some insect populations, but some hot pockets are still present throughout South GA.
  • Growers should sample their cotton bolls, looking for wart-like structures or discolored lint. If they’re seeing 10% damage between the second and fifth weeks of bloom, Ward encourages an application.

Read the full article here. We thank Clint at Southeast AgNet Radio Network for allowing us to repost to our agronomy blog.

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