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Expert Declares It’s Stink Bug Scouting Time

August 4, 2017
This agronomic image shows a brown stinkbug on a soybean leaf.

Dr. Kelley Tilmon, pest specialist at the Ohio State University Extension, says now is the time to scout for stink bugs. With soybean plants reaching pod development, it’s an important time to monitor the stink bug pressure that lives within your fields.

Tilmon’s research indicates many soybeans in 2016 had significant stink bug damage that went unnoticed until harvest – damage often stays undetected because pods usually hold their shape regardless of injury.

Growers can prevent pod damage by scouting and treating fields at appropriate threshold levels. Tilmon recommends scouting for several species of stink bugs, including green, brown, red-shouldered and brown marmorated stink bugs.

If stink bugs reach the recommended local threshold in your fields, we recommend using Endigo® ZC insecticide to provide quick knockdown and extended residual control. Staying on top of scouting efforts and being prepared with an effective insecticide treatment are essential components of maximizing yield potential.

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