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Even as Wind Blows, Golden Harvest Hybrids Stand

October 6, 2016

Arlington, NE: Mother Nature may have her ways, but Luke Lauritsen has his Golden Harvest® Corn.

Lauritsen’s family has been growing Golden Harvest for nearly 30 years, and for the past 10, he’s been selling it as a Golden Harvest Seed Advisor™. He was more than happy to have it this year, when the weeks leading up to harvest included late season disease pressure and rowdy weather, including an unexpected 8-inch rainfall.

“We had a lot of wind late, but our new number this year – Golden Harvest hybrid G11F16-3111A brand – withstood 70 mile per hour winds standing fine,” Lauritsen said. “Meanwhile, some of the products we’ve seen from competitors were actually breaking off or falling over.”


Luke Lauritsen’s family has been growing Golden Harvest Corn for 28 years.

Lauritsen has also been loyal to NK® Soybeans, which he said have so far been yielding in the mid-60s to low 70s in his area. NK Soybeans S24-K2, S28-A2, S28-N6 and S34-P7 brands have been particularly popular with his customers, he said.

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