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Establish Strong Foundation for Yield Potential

October 31, 2019
This agronomic image compares soybean seed treatments. . Seed treatments from left to right: Saltro®, ILeVO® SDS Rate, ILeVO Nematode Rate.

3-plant comparison: Syngenta trials at The Seedcare Institute™, Stanton, MN; 21 DAP in soil inoculated with heavy SDS (Fusarium virguliforme) pressure; April 2019. Seed treatments from left to right: Saltro®, ILeVO® SDS Rate, ILeVO Nematode Rate.

After soybeans are planted, you probably focus on what’s happening above ground as the seedlings begin to emerge. But, what’s happening out of sight below the soil during these early growth stages is just as important, if not more. The United Soybean Board says poor root health can be blamed for up to 80% of plant disorders. It’s crucial to protect root health early to create a strong foundation for future yield.

Soybeans’ genetic potential is highest at planting, and every input decision you make can influence their future yield potential. Establishing plenty of sturdy roots in the early growth stages helps soybeans absorb water and nutrients during the reproductive stages, better enabling soybeans to reach their full potential.

Some seed treatments, including the current industry standard for Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) protection, can cause early-season stress, resulting in phytotoxic burns on the cotyledons, stunting and reduced root mass. While it may appear soybeans overcome stress side effects above ground, hidden consequences below the soil persist. Early-season root damage may not be reversed.

With ever-earlier planting and ever-more erratic weather, your soybeans are under enough stress as it is, and the last thing you want is to cause more stress with your SDS seed treatment choice. Now there is a solution that allows soybeans to get off to a strong start both above and below ground. Saltro® fungicide seed treatment delivers superior SDS protection without the stress.

By protecting seedlings from SDS without adding stress, Saltro helps soybeans develop larger and healthier roots, better plant stands that canopy quicker and higher potential yield. Saltro is an upgrade in SDS protection that will change the way you protect your soybeans against SDS and nematodes to help them reach full genetic yield potential.

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