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Eight Weed Management Tips for Higher Yields

November 11, 2020
Corn entering a bin

Consider your agronomic actions and corn crop inputs like ingredients in a recipe; the quality of each determines the quality (yield potential) of the final product. Since weeds are prolific yield-robbers, the best management practices and inputs are required to achieve the greatest yield potential.

Here are 8 crucial steps to help unlock your yield potential and find more bushels at harvest:

  1. Know Your Corn Crop’s Opponents
  • It’s important to know which weeds are present in your area and their individual strengths and weaknesses. Once you know your opponents, you can make well-informed decisions about agronomic practices and herbicide programs.
  1. Start Clean and Stay Clean
  • Start clean with an effective burndown and a preemergence residual corn herbicide (e.g., Acuron® herbicide) application.
  • The goal each season should be to plant into clean, weed-free fields and maintain them through harvest.
  1. Employ Multiple Effective Sites of Action Specific to Your Key Problem Weeds and Overlapping Residuals
  • Acuron contains 4 active ingredients – including the Syngenta-exclusive component bicyclopyrone – and 3 effective sites of action for multi-targeted control of 70+ tough broadleaf and grass weeds with built-in resistance management.
  • Bicyclopyrone helps Acuron outperform and ouyield all other corn herbicide premixes by delivering built-in burndown, longest-lasting residual, and improved and more consistent management of large-seeded broadleaf weeds across various weed spectrums, weather conditions and soil types.
  1. Use the Full Labeled Rates of Effective Herbicides
  • This delays the onset of resistance and ensures that you are addressing any and all weeds present.
  • When applied preemergence and at the full labeled rate, Acuron helped find 5-15 more bushels per acre than any other herbicide in replicated trials*.
  1. Scout Early and Often
  • Scout prior to and throughout the season, monitoring for weed escapes, resistant species, new weed types, etc.
  • Adopt a zero-tolerance policy toward tough weeds. If you find an escape, make sure to eliminate it quickly.
  1. Use a Diversified Management Program
  • Cover crops, mechanical weed control and crop rotation are great tools to ensure you are attacking weeds from all angles.
  1. Consider Crop Safety
  • Cool, wet weather can cause some herbicides to injure the corn. Acuron includes a crop safener, benoxacor, to enable application flexibility from 28 days preplant through 12” corn, so this is not an issue.
  1. Reduce the Weed Seed Bank
  • Do not let weeds go to seed. Many weeds are prolific seed producers, and even a single weed that goes to seed can spread resistance, causing costly weed-related issues for years to come.
  • Charlie Cahoon, Ph.D., an N.C. State University Extension weed specialist, says managing the weed seed bank is a numbers game. If you take a 1,000-acre farm and you have 1 pigweed per acre that goes to seed, that 1 weed could produce 500,000 seeds. Then across that 1,000-acre farm, you essentially have millions of pigweeds the next year, with a good chance one could possibly be resistant. Remember not to allow weeds to go unmanaged in the off-season.

Weed resistance is a real and growing threat to corn growers, but by using a strong herbicide program with multiple effective sites of action, you can start clean and stay clean in the 2021 season.

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*Acuron yield advantage range based on 2016 Syngenta and University trials comparing Acuron to Corvus®, Resicore®, SureStart® II and Verdict® applied preemergence and at full label rates. For more information on Acuron versus an individual product, ask your Syngenta representative.