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Early Spring Sprays Can Help Control Almond Diseases

March 18, 2019
This agronomic image shows almonds.

As temperatures and moisture begin to rise, so does an almond tree’s likelihood of disease. Diseases like scab, Alternaria leaf spot, shot hole, leaf rust and anthracnose begin to emerge as we progress through the season, and become more common after a wet spring. Be sure to watch out for these harmful diseases to prevent damage to leaves, nuts and overall tree health for years to come.

A May spray can provide additional protection to your crop. Here are some May spray benefits:

  • Fungicide applications can be catered to specific orchard needs based off of existing diseases.
  • Warmer and drier weather increases the effectiveness of fungicide sprays.

Syngenta recommends Quadris Top® fungicide during early spring spray timing. Quadris Top contains 2 modes of action that offers foliar disease control through preventive, systemic and curative activity. Quadris Top not only helps control diseases like leaf spot, anthracnose, blossom blight, leaf blight, leaf rust, scab and shot hole, it is also an excellent follow-up product to some of your earlier fungicide sprays to keep your trees healthier longer into the season.

To learn whether Quadris Top is approved for use in your area, visit this page. For more information, talk to your local Syngenta representative.

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