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Don’t Wait For Brown Silk to Apply Corn Fungicide

July 23, 2018
This agronomic image shows corn silking

Corn at R1/silking growth stage

Throughout the U.S., corn ratings started out exceptionally strong this year. However, in some states, corn conditions have deteriorated following an uptick in disease incidence and unpredictable weather, ranging from extended periods of extreme heat in parts of the Central Plains to excessive rain in the upper Midwest.

While you may be considering cutting inputs to try and recoup your loses, corn yield that has yet to reach VT/R1 can still be protected from disease and environmental stressors from now until harvest.

Why is timing critical for a corn fungicide application?

Research has shown corn yield is realized prior to brown silk. Therefore, protecting corn from disease and stress near R1 timing with a preventive and curative fungicide will allow the plant to put its energy toward producing yield instead of fighting disease or stress by:

  • Combatting disease
  • Helping the plant use water more efficiently
  • Improving the corn’s carbon dioxide assimilation and nitrogen utilization

With the majority of corn in the U.S. at or near silking, the time for a fungicide application to maximize yield potential and ROI has nearly past. Applying at brown silk or later will not provide acceptable results.

What should you apply?

Syngenta recommends Trivapro® fungicide, the hardest-working, longest-lasting fungicide in its class for disease control and plant health. Trivapro controls many of the major corn diseases – including Southern rust, gray leaf spot and Northern corn leaf blight – and extends the grain-fill window for improved yield and ROI.

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