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Don’t Underestimate Corn Rootworm

June 8, 2017
This agronomic photo shows corn rootworm.

Growers may have noticed lower corn rootworm (CRW) pressure in previous years, but CRW pressures can vary from year to year and location to location. This resilient pest is highly adaptable and can wreak havoc when least expected. Root damage from CRW is not evident until late in the season, often when it’s too late to fight the pest. That’s why long-term CRW control requires a consistent approach, even in years with low pressure.

Consistent CRW management ensures growers’ fields are protected from possible CRW infestations, leading to higher yields. Using a robust insecticide is an effective way to consistently minimize the risk of CRW damage from season to season.

Force® Evo insecticide is designed for growers looking for performance and convenience. Containing the trusted active ingredient, tefluthrin, Force Evo consistently outperforms other insecticides on control of CRW and other early-season pests, leading to improved root growth, better nutrient uptake and improved yields.

When used on top of CRW traits, trials show Force brands deliver an average yield increase of 10 bu/A. Even in the absence of CRW, Force brands help increase yield because early-season pests like wireworms, white grubs and seedcorn maggots can cause more destruction than meets the eye.

Bottom line, Force Evo is a risk management decision for peace of mind on every acre.

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