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Don’t Miss Your Window for Optimal Disease Control

June 12, 2020
This agronomic image shows Southern rust in corn

Southern rust

When it comes to using a fungicide to protect against foliar corn diseases, timing is everything. A new study from the University of Kentucky showed fungicides are most effective at controlling foliar diseases when applied at VT/R1.

With this growth stage approaching and many states experiencing weather conducive to disease development, it’s crucial you make your disease management decisions before this optimal timing slips away. Be sure to scout early and often, and be ready to take any preventive measures necessary to protect your corn.

Here are the top culprits for which to scout:

  • Gray leaf spot: According to the University of Missouri researchers, lesions develop first on lower leaves but can spread over the entire plant. Start scouting at the bottom of the crop and look for small oval, reddish brown spots with surrounding yellow or orange halos.
  • Northern corn leaf blight: Look for long cigar-shaped lesions on the lower leaves of the canopy when scouting. Plants can be infected up to 12 days before symptoms begin to show, so applying a preventive fungicide is the most effective way to avoid damage.
  • Southern rust: University of Tennessee pathologists say Southern rust appears as small orange, round pustules on the upper leaf surface. If Southern rust is found in your field, a fungicide application is highly recommended to prevent severe yield loss.

This season, consider a fungicide that works overtime to shut down key corn diseases. With higher potency and better performance, Trivapro® fungicide helps prevent diseases from starting and shuts down existing infections, resulting in higher potential yield.

See how many potential bushels Trivapro could help your corn produce compared to competitors and untreated acres by using the Trivapro yield calculator.

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