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Don’t let potatoes fall victim to storage diseases

January 14, 2016

Based on estimates from United States Department of Agriculture, 7.5 percent of potato loss occurs during storage. While normal transpiration and respiration cause some potato weight loss, the more serious cause is often storage diseases. Storage disease cannot be cured, but the spread of pathogens can be limited so that healthy potatoes are protected.

For the best possible yield and quality, you should utilize an integrated, full-season approach from seed through storage. The yield and quality that result from good growing practices must also be protected with good storage practices.

Stadium® fungicide combines three active ingredients – fludioxonil, azoxystrobin and difenoconazole – to provide targeted control of potato diseases, including silver scurf and Fusarium dry rot. Stadium remains active for months of storage, providing long-lasting protection with only one application.

Applicators can take several proactive steps to get the best possible results from Stadium. Remove as much dirt and debris as possible from potatoes to ensure complete and uniform coverage prior to treatment. Stadium should be applied immediately after harvest. Applications of Stadium should be made as a dilute spray of one fluid ounce of product in an appropriate amount of water carrier to cover 2,000 pounds of tubers. The spray should be applied to potatoes in a single layer as they are tumbling from belt to belt or onto the piler. Once treated, the tubers should appear slightly moist but not dripping or shiny.

Growers should be aware that MRLs in export markets outside of North America are lower than those in the United States and may not be high enough to cover residue on all potato products. Prior to Stadium application, growers are advised to check with their potato buyer regarding Stadium use.