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Be prepared to manage Cercospora leaf spot in sugarbeets

June 27, 2016

It’s around that time of year again when sugarbeets get close to row closure, which also means it’s time to be on the lookout for Cercospora leaf spot.

According to North Dakota State University, Cercospora leaf spot is the most destructive foliar disease of sugarbeet in North Dakota and Minnesota. Reductions in root size and sugar content are common in an infected crop, causing up to 40 percent yield reduction.

How can sugarbeet growers protect their crops from this damaging disease? Syngenta recommends that growers get ahead of this diseases with a plan of attack. Most fungicides used for Cercospora control are protectant only, but a product like Inspire® XT fungicide, which contains two triazole fungicides, will protect sugarbeets from new infections and also cure those infections not yet showing spots on the beet.

With current weather patterns there is potential for a worse than average year of Cercospora pressure, so make sure scout for Cercospora now to get ahead of this disease.

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