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Don’t let almond diseases get you down

March 21, 2016

Thankfully, Mother Nature is providing almond orchards with some much-needed rainfall this year. While it is certainly wonderful to see rains return, it can also mean facing some disease challenges that underscore the importance of a strong fungicide program. University of California Cooperative Extension has already warned growers to prepare to prepare for diseases such as:

  • Brown rot
  • Shot-hole
  • Jacket rot
  • Anthracnose
  • Bacterial spot

Environmental conditions interact with both fungicide chemistries and pathogen physiologies. Wet weather can contribute to the spread of disease in various ways. To begin with, the window of fungicide activity is shortened during periods of consistent rainfall. Brown rot begins producing spores in late winter that can then be spread by rain splash in the spring. Extended wet periods increase both the spread and the intensity of shot-hole and warm, wet weather is ideal for the spread of anthracnose.

Application timing and rotating modes of action are two of the most important aspects to consider in a fungicide program and Syngenta offers a wide-ranging portfolio and years of in-field expertise to help almond growers manage both of these considerations. So enjoy the plentiful rains, utilize the available fungicide tools for maximum effectiveness and grow more almonds.

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