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Don’t Get Robbed by Frogeye Leaf Spot

March 4, 2019
This agronomic image compares untreated soybeans with soybeans treated by Miravis Top fungicide.

Untreated vs. Miravis Top® fungicide.

Diseases present: frogeye leaf spot, target spot, brown spot.
Application date: July 12th (R 3.5). Photos taken Sept. 7th. Bay, AR 2018

If you’ve grown soybeans for any amount of time, it’s likely not surprising that frogeye leaf spot has earned a top spot among yield-robbing diseases for multiple years. What may be surprising is the actual value lost across the nation. Plant pathologists at Iowa State University Extension say that frogeye leaf spot caused more than 17,500,000 bushels of yield loss in the U.S. in 2015, a loss valued at $158,100,000.

If those figures and loss potential from susceptible and/or strobilurin-resistant frogeye leaf spot don’t dictate enough of a challenge, they don’t take into account all of the additional disease threats you have to worry about. You’ve probably fought brown spot already, and target spot has become a significant problem in some areas, too.

Regardless of which disease you’re facing, they all threaten your yield and bottom line. Add in other harsh conditions that Mother Nature can throw you way, and you’ll have to manage much more than just disease when growing soybeans. With that in mind, taking preventive steps early to control disease will help you stay ahead of potential yield loss.

With today’s trade environment, you may be tempted to wait and see if disease shows up before you use a fungicide, but that can be costly from both a disease and plant health standpoint. Because disease may have already infected your crops before symptoms show, University of Arkansas Extension recommends getting ahead of disease with a fungicide containing multiple modes of action.

When it’s time to making a preventive fungicide application, we recommend Miravis® Top fungicide. Custom-built with 2 effective modes of action – both with proven activity against strobilurin-resistant pathogens – Miravis Top helps you stay ahead of resistance on your farm.

Designed to stop disease under the toughest conditions and provide excellent plant-health benefits, Miravis Top will help you take control of one of the toughest disease challenges on your farm, so you can focus your attention on other important areas of your operation.

Consider Miravis Top and talk to your local retailer or Syngenta sales representative to see how it can help you take control of the toughest diseases.

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