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Don’t Compromise on Corn Herbicide Safety

March 30, 2022
side by side comparison of corn treated with Acuron versus Resicore

One reason Acuron® herbicide outyields other corn herbicides is its crop safety. Acuron provides excellent crop safety across a wide range of soil types, weather conditions and plant genetics. Photos taken July 7, 2019; Brooklyn, WI.

Cold snaps, rain events and other adverse weather conditions at planting have become increasingly common, and that can make planning a corn herbicide program tricky. Adverse weather conditions paired with some corn herbicides are a recipe for crop injury. And if damage does occur, it can take corn some time to recover, delaying growth and limiting yield potential.

Find Assurance in the Details

To protect your corn and its yield potential, it’s important to develop a herbicide program with weather unpredictability and crop safety in mind. That means looking at the details:

  • Use corn herbicides with a proven crop safener like benoxacor
    • Not all corn herbicides include a crop safener, and even if they do, particularly in the case of generics, it is often unknown which safener is being used or at what rate.
  • Check the label for application timing
    • Some corn herbicides have very narrow application windows, which can leave you risking crop injury with a late application or missing the window completely should weather delays occur.
  • Consider the importance of residual
    • Long-lasting residual helps ensure corn remains weed free until canopy or a post-emergence application (in 2-pass programs).

Acuron Checks All the Boxes

For crop-safe application without compromising weed control or yield potential, we recommend Acuron® corn herbicide. Acuron contains a proven crop safener, benoxacor; has a wide window of application from 28 days pre-plant (including burndown) up to 12-inch corn; and has long-lasting residual.

Not convinced Acuron is worth the cost to try? Watch our interactive video to see how Acuron compares to competitors in terms of farm fit, performance and/or ROI potential, then decide for yourself.

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