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Developing Effective Corn Herbicides

November 10, 2016

Developing effective corn herbicides starts with understanding growers’ needs. Weed control has long been a challenge across the Corn Belt, with weed resistance continually increasing.

Anticipating needs is key to staying ahead of the challenges Mother Nature creates. Syngenta identified the need for a new weed control option in the early 2000s and started developing Acuron® and Acuron Flexi corn herbicides.

Research is key to innovation. During the research phase of Acuron and Acuron Flexi, Syngenta’s team of 15 chemists were focused on finding a solution to deliver a greater level of weed control than other powerful herbicides such as Lexar® EZ and Lumax® EZ. Their best results combined mesotrione with bicyclopyrone, and after adding S-metolachlor and atrazine, the combination worked together as a pre-mix to control the toughest weeds in corn.

The next step is to test the product. Lab tests and production trials helped ensure the Acuron would perform as growers expected. Then, the Acuron formulation was submitted to the EPA in September 2012.

Syngenta’s focus then shifted to collaborating with universities and distributors to further test the herbicides under crop destruct protocols, beginning in 2013. To date, Syngenta has conducted 986 field trials on Acuron.

Since receiving EPA registration on April 24, 2015, Acuron has delivered on its promise to control the toughest weeds in corn.

Syngenta’s work didn’t stop with Acuron, though. They knew the importance of providing growers with options which led to the development of Acuron Flexi, a pre-mix of bicyclopyrone, mesotrione and S-metolachlor. It’s an excellent weed control solution in areas limited from using atrazine. Acuron Flexi received EPA registration on February 9, 2016.

After 15 years, Syngenta spent about $300 million developing Acuron, and continues to invest nearly $4 million on global R&D every day to help deliver powerful solutions and help growers meet their greatest needs – year after year.

Agronomic image of clean corn rows with Acuron herbicide

Acuron 3 qt/A – Reinbeck, Iowa – 91 days after treatment

To learn more about Acuron, visit www.Acuron-Herbicide.com and to learn more about Acuron Flexi, visit www.SyngentaUS.com/AcuronFlexi.

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