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Develop an SCN Management Plan for 2018

February 28, 2018
This agronomic image shows soybean plants treated with nemoticide seed treatments.

Protect SCN-resistant varieties with nematicide seed treatments and crop rotation to control SCN and maximize yield. 

Soybean cyst nematode (SCN) is the most damaging pest to soybeans in the U.S. The University of Minnesota Extension says the pest causes an estimated $1 billion loss annually. Although there is no way to eradicate SCN once it’s present in a field, there are several management practices you can use to reduce SCN population density and increase yield potential.

When developing an SCN management plan for 2018, be sure to include these key strategies:

  1. Plant soybeans with the best possible genetics for resistance. Resistant varieties can be effective on some populations of the pest, though the genetic diversity of SCN has started to overcome the most popular genetic source of resistance – PI88788.
  2. Use an effective seed treatment. Backed by Iowa State University researchers, since almost every variety of SCN-resistant soybean seeds rely on the same gene, it is important to also use a nematicide seed treatment to manage SCN and protect SCN-resistant seed genetics. Some seed treatments also provide early-season protection against insect feeding, which provides an entry point for disease infection and nematode damage.
  3. Practice crop rotation. While SCN can survive several years in soil, it cannot reproduce in non-host crops like corn, alfalfa or wheat, and population densities decline every season the nematodes are denied a host.

The combination of these practices is the best approach to thwarting SCN and taking soybean yield potential to the highest level.

For an effective seed treatment, Syngenta recommends using Clariva® Elite Beans, a premix formulation of Clariva pn nematicide and CruiserMaxx® Vibrance® seed treatment. Clariva Elite Beans is the only seed treatment on the market that provides season-long, lethal activity and broad-spectrum protection against SCN, as well as early-season insects and diseases.

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