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Develop a Strong Field Preparation Strategy for Your Rice Crops

November 20, 2023
Rice field

Rice field

As we close out 2023, now is a great time to reflect on this past season and begin developing a strong plan for the upcoming year. While determining your seed selections, seed treatments and early-season products, take a moment to evaluate your strategies for field preparation.

Rice cultivation is a delicate and precise process. In order to ensure your seeds receive the strongest possible start, it is important to properly prepare your fields to guarantee the best quality of soil for planting. Residue management can be effective at sustaining nutrients in the soil, but for some operations, tillage can also be a helpful strategy for managing weeds and pests, alleviating soil compaction and improving nutrient cycling. However, tillage must be executed strategically, and it is recommended you connect with your local Syngenta agronomist to determine the best strategy for your operation.

Now is also a great time to further assess the success of your 2023 operation. Take note of any problem weeds, insects or diseases you saw this season, and consider crop protection management strategies you can implement to fight against them next season. While you can’t predict what Mother Nature will bring next year, be prepared in case soils are moist at planting, as you may end up dealing with soilborne pathogens that can get your crop off to a tough start.

As always, post-harvest management, field preparation tactics and a 2024 crop protection plan can vary based on your region and any challenges you may have faced the previous season. To determine which strategies could be beneficial for your operation, contact your local Syngenta agronomist or crop advisors.

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