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Detect and Protect Against Green Peach Aphid on Lettuce

May 1, 2018
This illustrated image shows a green peach aphid.

It’s important to control the green peach aphid not only because of the physical damage it does by feeding on plants, but also because of the detrimental diseases it carries.

A recent article from Growing Produce discusses the types of aphids lettuce growers grapple with and provides tips for preventing, identifying and controlling aphid populations. Proper crop residue removal helps make fields less inhabitable for these pests and introducing natural enemies of green peach aphids can deter them from settling into fields.

Scouting is key to controlling most pests, and it’s no less important for the green peach aphid. Check your fields early and often to stay ahead of infestations and to give yourself time to address problems that do arise. If you spot plants turning yellow and leaves beginning to curl downward and inward from the edges, check under the leaves for aphids, as these are characteristic signs of extensive damage.

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