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Delayed Crops Are At Risk for Diseases

August 31, 2019
this agronomic image shows common rust

Historically, late-planted crops are more susceptible to diseases. We spotted common rust at the Sheridan, IN, Grow More™ Experience site.

This year’s weather patterns are far from normal. Growers in the western region of IN dealt with a long winter, a wet spring and an even wetter June and July, leading to late-planted crops. These factors all contribute to the concern about the impact of fall diseases on already stressed corn and soybean crops.

Take action in the following ways to fight disease pressure more common on late-planted crops.

  • Scout for diseases like anthracnose, common and southern rust, frogeye leaf spot, gray leaf spot and white mold multiple times a week.
  • Consider using a Syngenta product like Miravis Neo® fungicide in soybeans or Trivapro® fungicide for corn. These products go beyond just helping protect your crop from disease. They also contribute to increased photosynthesis and water-use efficiency and greening, which all help increase crop yields. Consult with your Syngenta sales representative to find the best solution for your farm.
  • Use full rates for full protection by active ingredients.

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