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Delayed Corn Emergence Puts Emphasis on Post-Emergence Herbicides

June 9, 2021
corn plants emerging from soil

Emerging corn

If you planted corn a bit earlier than normal this season only to see cold and wet weather thereafter, you’re not alone. Less-than-ideal weather delayed corn emergence across the Midwest and has many preemergence residual herbicide applications looking a bit long in the tooth. This means you’ll need a strong post-emergence herbicide with long-lasting residual to get your corn crop to canopy and protect its yield potential.

You’ll want to make your post-emergence application in a timely manner, ideally before any escaped weeds reach 4” in height, using a herbicide with long-lasting residual and proven crop safety. We recommend Acuron®, Acuron Flexi or Halex® GT corn herbicides for your post-emergence application. All 3 of these premix products are convenient to use, have multiple sites of action for built-in resistance management, strong residual and are extremely safe (i.e., unlikely to cause crop injury) when used according to the label.

Not only will a strong post-emergence herbicide plan keep your corn crop clean until canopy, but it will help protect yield potential, too.

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