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Defeating different diseases of grapes and berries

April 27, 2016

Growers of small fruit like grapes and berries have many different diseases to watch for each season. Knowing which diseases are likely to happen in a given year can help growers make the right choices for preventive disease management strategies. The University of Kentucky Plant Disease Diagnostic Laboratories explains that disease presence last year can be a good indicator of risk for the same disease this year. The 2015 season showed that root/crown rot and leaf spot were most prevalent in berries, and grapes were hit by black rot and anthracnose.

Blueberry growers can manage root rot and leaf spot with targeted fungicide applications. For root rot, a highly active soil-applied fungicide like Ridomil Gold® SL can help control soil-borne diseases to promote root health and crop development. In lowbush blueberry production, an application of the next generation, long-lasting Aprovia® fungicide in a non-cropping year can help with Septoria leaf spot and leaf rust.

Aprovia is also a valuable tool for managing the most prevalent diseases in grapes. It delivers enhanced, broad-spectrum disease control with the power of Solatenol® fungicide to inhibit infection and prevent the spread of existing disease, including anthracnose and black rot. For full management of black rot, Aprovia in rotation with Inspire Super® fungicide is recommended.


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