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Corn Trials in DeKalb, IL, Show Effective Weed Control

July 14, 2017
This agronomic image shows corn rootworm on corn root.

Corn and soybean trials at the DeKalb Grow More Experience site show successful treatment against tough weeds and pests, and offer growers effective management solutions.

Corn Physical Properties trial

Syngenta agronomists find trials continue to show the advantages of Bicyclopyrone (BIR) vs. Stinger® herbicide to provide effective control of broadleaf weeds like giant ragweed, velvetleaf, and lambsquarter.

Corn Herbicide trial

Treatments are breaking, and the bare ground portion of the trial shows that using multiple modes of action with Acuron® pre-emergence herbicide proves effective. When compared to Corvus® or Resicore®, Acuron shows noticeable difference in residual control of grass and giant ragweed.

Agronomists in DeKalb report cases of corn rootworm (CRW) injury, with sightings of 10-plus CRW larvae feeding on corn root. Knowing the proper resources at your disposal offers potential protection against these pests. Syngenta recommends Force® 3G or Force® Evo insecticide, one of the most effective and consistent granular or liquid soil-applied corn insecticides available.

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