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Corn Rootworm Trial Walk-through at Dixon, IL Grow More Experience Site

October 27, 2020
This agronomic image shows Corn rootworm damage contributed to down corn at the Dixon, IL, Grow More™ Experience site.

Corn rootworm damage contributed to down corn at the Dixon, IL, Grow More Experience site.

Northern IL has seen an increased amount of corn rootworm (CRW) pressure over the last few years.  Due to the expanding presence and growing damage of CRW, like down and root lodged corn, agronomists at the Dixon, IL, Grow More Experience site conducted a trial to show the effectiveness of CRW control with varying corn traits and the use of Force® 6.5G insecticide.

Agronomy service representative Kevin Scholl walks us through the corn rootworm trial:

As you can see from the trial, one of the best ways to minimize the risk of CRW damage on your corn in 2021 is to use a robust soil-applied corn insecticide like Force 6.5G. It creates a zone of protection from CRW and other soil-dwelling insects such as white grub, wireworm, seedcorn maggot and cutworm. When protecting corn roots, you are investing in stronger stalks, which ultimately results in healthier corn that can reach its yield potential.

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