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Corn Leaf Aphid Numbers Rise in MI

August 26, 2019
This agronomic image shows corn tassels.

Corn leaf aphids in MI are presenting problems for some growers with late-planted corn. While not a perennial problem, corn aphids can interfere with pollination, and growers should keep an eye on field conditions.

Corn leaf aphids can cause wilting, curling and discoloration in heavily infested corn leaves. The honeydew left by aphids can also disrupt the pollination process. Excessive feeding within corn whorls also appears to be linked to incomplete kernel development and barren ears.

When scouting for corn leaf aphids prior to tasseling, randomly choose 4 corn plants 10 to 15 paces apart in 5 areas of a field. Pull whorls from each plant out entirely before unrolling and counting aphids. Corn leaf aphids usually do not warrant treatment after tasseling, unless more than half of tassels are covered and pollination is less than 50% complete.

When considering an insecticide, we recommend Besiege®, a broad-spectrum foliar insecticide that provides control against a wide range of pests including corn leaf aphids.

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