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Corn Hybrids Offer Improved Feedlot and Dairy Operations

November 20, 2017

When growing corn to be fed on-farm for a beef or dairy operation, selecting a hybrid that provides value in the field and in feed is a simple way to improve profit potential.

Energy is key to maximizing beef or dairy production and corn is an important energy source for cattle because it supplies starch, which is converted to sugar during digestion. EnogenĀ® Feed hybrids help convert starch to sugar more efficiently and more rapidly during digestion, resulting in more available energy for cattle and ultimately greater profit potential for feedlot and dairy operations.

In the field, Enogen Feed corn performs equal to or better than other high-performing corn hybrids1, with no additional agronomic management challenges2, unlike some silage-specific hybrids. Additionally, it offers producers the flexibility to chop for silage or harvest for grain. Incorporating these hybrids into your operation is as easy as replacing the corn or silage you currently grow and feed.

This agronomic image shows Enogen Feed.

Enogen Feed hybrids represent a step-change in starch and sugar availability.

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All photos are either the property of Syngenta or are used with permission.

1 Syngenta production data from over 350,000 Enogen acres, 2012-2015

2 Growers must comply with specific yet simple stewardship requirements