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Corn Earworm: Voted Most Harmful Southern Soybean Insect

August 15, 2017

In a recent Syngenta Twitter poll, 37% of respondents voted corn earworm as the most harmful soybean insect.

This image shows a poll indicating corn earworm as the most concerning southern pest in soybeans.

In his Syngenta Pest Patrol Alert, Scott Stewart, entomologist with the University of Tennessee, cautioned growers along the Mississippi River to watch out for corn earworm, especially in later-planted beans as they get closer to flowering.

Growers should scout now and use their sweep nets to assess corn earworm pressure, particularly in open-canopy soybeans where the insect usually gravitates to first.

Corn earworms are usually a problem beginning at first bloom through R3. When scouting, growers should look for insects that are yellow, green, brown or black in color, with markings on their backs. He defines the treatment threshold as 7-9 worms on 25 sweeps.

Once corn earworms reach the state-determined economic threshold, growers should consider applying Besiege® insecticide for quick knockdown and extended residual control to help maximize yield and profit potential. Stewart says reports of Besiege insecticide corn earworm control have been good so far.

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