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Control weeds as winter wheat breaks dormancy

March 10, 2016

CENTRAL PLAINS: With winter wheat across the Central Plains breaking or expected to break dormancy soon, growers need to be prepared to control broadleaf weeds, such as kochia (pictured above), particularly those showing resistance to herbicides. According to Kansas State University agronomists, the “weed-and-feed” approach is a common and sound way to meet two needs at once.

When dealing with herbicide resistance, Syngenta recommend growers take a proactive approach, particularly with weeds showing resistance to multiple modes of action. When weeds become resistant, they are no longer controlled by previously effective herbicides. This is the case with kochia and glyphosate, so even if growers aren’t seeing reduced control on their farms, someone close-by likely is. To combat herbicide resistance and protect yield, growers can:

  • Follow label instructions and use the full recommended herbicide rate
  • Time applications to weeds in their early growth stages
  • Use multiple effective herbicide modes of action with overlapping efficacy by using mixtures with residuals
  • Deploy diversified management programs, such as cover crops, mechanical weed control and crop rotation

At Syngenta, we closely monitor the spread of herbicide-resistant kochia and support early spring herbicide applications in winter wheat. Herbicides like Amber® or Rave® are excellent tools to stop weeds from interfering with a developing winter wheat crop.

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