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Control Your Toughest Weeds With a Tough Herbicide

November 7, 2017

this agronomic image compares the higher residual control of Bicyclopyrone plus mesotrione against Stinger, a component of Resicore plus mesotrione.

Caption: A side-by-side comparison of active ingredients at the Traer, IA, Grow More Experience site shows a difference in residual control.

Foxtail, lambsquarters, waterhemp and marestail are some of the most common weeds found in IA, and also the most difficult to control. Growers hunt each year for the next great solution against these tough weeds. And while growers may find a herbicide that provides control, not all herbicides provide effective, season-long control.

A Grow More™ Experience site located in Traer, IA, conducted a study on the importance of using multiple, effective herbicide modes of action. The result? Herbicides with more effective modes of action deliver greater control of tough weeds, while herbicides with fewer effective modes of action can lead to escapes and more problems with resistant weeds.

Acuron® corn herbicide and Resicore® herbicide both contain 3 modes of action. But these modes of action have different levels of effectiveness depending on the target weed they’re trying to control. When compared to clopyralid, an active ingredient in Resicore, bicyclopyrone, an active ingredient in Acuron, delivers more powerful control of large-seeded broadleaf weeds.

Want to see for yourself? Check out the video below.

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