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Control Corn Rootworm with Added Convenience

August 23, 2017

Corn rootworm (CRW) is a tiny pest that can take a big bite out of a farm’s bottom line. Each year, it is estimated to cost U.S. corn growers more than $1 billion, so it’s important to have highly effective insecticides to control the pest before it damages corn.

Using a robust soil-applied insecticide is an effective way to manage the risk of CRW damage year after year. Growers looking for that superior control of CRW and other early-season pests will have access to Force® Evo liquid corn insecticide starting in the 2018 growing season. This enhanced formulation contains the same trusted active ingredient, tefluthrin, as other Force brand insecticides to deliver performance and convenience.

Among the three farmers from across the Midwest who were able to trial Force Evo this season was Michael Guerts of Marshall, MN.

Guerts is excited to use Force Evo in his fields during the 2018 season thanks to the ease of mixing with liquid starter fertilizer. He’s trusted Force for years thanks to its insect protection, but believes that Force Evo will give him the convenience he needs.

The formulation benefits – including better cold tolerance, less viscosity, greater starter fertilizer compatibility and easier equipment cleanout – will result in increased at-plant efficiency. And thanks to its easy-to-load packaging, growers can expect to speed the planting process with fewer delays.

This data image compares flowability between Force Evo and Force CS insecticide.

We made the Force Evo formulation less viscous so you will have hassle-free planting without delays. This photo shows the superior flowability of Force Evo (left) compared to the thicker Force® CS formulation (right).

Contact your Syngenta retailer or sales representative to learn more about Force Evo, or visit: www.SyngentaUS.com/ForceEvo.

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