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Control Colorado Potato Beetle and Combat Resistance

October 20, 2020
this agronomic image shows a colorado potato beetle

Controlling Colorado potato beetle (CPB) is a long-time imperative for growers. Effectively managing them, however, has grown more difficult in recent years.

Syngenta technical development lead for potatoes Kiran Shetty, Ph.D., encourages growers to deploy multiple strategies to control CPB and combat resistance:

  • Manage field by field. Tailor your management strategy to the location, crop and insect history of a field.
  • Rotate chemistries: Use 1 neonicotinoid seed treatment or soil application per season. Neonicotinoids became the standard for CPB about 25 years ago, but over time they’ve slowly offered less control, especially in second-generation beetles.
  • Create a season-long management plant that uses complementary seed treatments and foliar insecticide applications.
  • Introduce a different mode of action. Minecto® Pro, a non-neonicotinoid foliar insecticide, is highly effective for control of CPB.

Independent crop consultant Hazen Palmer first started using Minecto Pro in 2019, which he says was the worst CPB year he’s ever seen. Palmer recalls that Minecto Pro managed all of the beetles from all life stages in his field without even using the highest rate of spray.

Minecto Pro contains the active ingredient cyantraniliprole that provides powerful, lasting control. Shetty says robust non-neonicotinoids like Minecto Pro are great to clean up the second-generation Colorado potato beetles that come up throughout the season, while maintaining a consistent resistance management strategy.

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