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In Competitive Face-off, a Favorite Emerges

October 11, 2016

Brainard, NE: Like many soybean growers, Jerome and Todd Kudlacek diversify risk and analyze crop quality by planting several brand varieties. This year, the Kudlacek brothers are comparing competitor varieties from NK® Soybeans and Asgrow®.

“This is our third year growing NK Soybeans, and we especially like the brand’s standability, harvestability and yields,” Jerome Kudlacek said. “Compared to Asgrow, NK Soybeans yield better, and we also like the quality of harvestability a bit better.”

Todd Kudlacek added, “The NK Soybeans seem to flow through the combine more smoothly, and there isn’t nearly as much trash.”

NK Soybeans currently make up about 35% of the Kudlaceks’ soy acres, with NK Soybeans S34-N3 and S35-A5 brands being two of their favorites. The Kudlaceks said they appreciate that the NK varieties are flexible enough to work well on both their bottom ground and hillier acres.


Brothers Jerome (left) and Todd Kudlacek found that NK Soybeans delivered better yields and harvestability than the competition.

They’ve already finished harvesting S34-N3 brand and were pleased to find it yielding an average of 70 bu/A, with the combine monitor hitting as high as 107 bu/A. Their S35-A5 brand fields are still on the harvest to-do list, but they expect good things.

Part of their confidence comes from the fact that they protected their NK Soybeans with CruiserMaxx® Beans with Vibrance® seed treatment, a combination of separately registered products.

“It’s a standard procedure for us to apply a seed treatment,” Todd Kudlacek said. “We want our soybeans to get off to a good start, and we can tell that (treated soybeans) have better plant vigor.”

Jerome Kudlacek credited CruiserMaxx Beans with Vibrance with retaining the soybeans’ genetic potential.

“Bean leaf beetle and early damping-off are two issues we face early in the season,” he said. “An application of CruiserMaxx Beans with Vibrance is a nice attribute for our soybeans.”

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