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Common Rust Arrives in Pana, Illinois

August 7, 2017
This agronomic image shows common rust on corn.

Caption: Pana, IL: Common rust spores on the surface of a corn leaf.

Common rust arrived at the Pana, IL, Grow More Experience site mid-July, and there are concerns the more destructive southern rust may not be far behind. Southern rust has already been confirmed just to the south in Arkansas and thrives in the hot, dry conditions that have plagued southern Illinois for the past month.

Of the two rust diseases, southern rust poses the greatest threat to yield potential. However, both common and southern rust can be treated with a properly-timed fungicide application. Scout early and often to identify either disease before they negatively impact yield potential.

Syngenta offers Trivapro® fungicide for best-in-class preventive and curative control of rust and other difficult-to-control diseases. Trivapro also delivers plant health benefits such as stronger stalks, healthier roots and bigger ears for maximum return on investment.

Contact your Syngenta representative to visit the Pana, IL, Grow More Experience site in August for a tour of our fungicide trials in corn and soybeans. You can also check the Know More, Grow More blog throughout the season for periodic updates and event recaps.

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