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Coming soon: Simpler insecticide applications for corn

March 14, 2016

New technologies are continually developed to alleviate growers’ challenges like weeds, disease and insect pests in the field. Although these technologies may provide the control growers need, some products can come with their own challenges and may not be simple or convenient to use. Growers want convenience through streamlined applications, simple cleanout and compatible tank mix partners.

One challenge is soil-dwelling pest control. Insects can reduce yield and affect overall plant health by increasing a corn plant’s susceptibility to disease, reducing the plant’s ability to uptake water and nutrients, which can lead to stunted growth and lodged or goose-necked corn.

Liquid insecticides are among the most convenient products to deliver control of corn rootworm (CRW) and other early-season pests, such as white grubs and wireworms, but may come with formulation challenges, including instability in cold weather conditions and incompatibility with commonly used starter fertilizers.

Force® Evo is a new liquid, soil-applied insecticide (SAI) under development for growers who seek control of these pests, with additional formulation benefits. As an improvement from Force CS, Force Evo will have improved cold weather tolerance and freeze-thaw performance, which results in better flowability, easier cleanout and a four to six times reduction in quantifiable residues on equipment surfaces. Trials also showed that Force Evo has strong fertilizer compatibility.

Anticipated for use in the 2017 growing season, growers can expect the superior pest control as seen with previous Force insecticides in a simpler, convenient application.

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