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Choose corn hybrids that can stand up to weather

April 26, 2016

By now, most growers have an understanding of their fields’ pest threats and soil types, but one thing they don’t – and can’t – know is the weather that will hit them. Weather can throw a wrench in any well-devised plans, and given its unpredictability (not to mention the possibility of La Niña this year), growers should consider hybrids that perform well in a variety of conditions.

Golden Harvest® hybrid G01P52 brand has thrived in a variety of conditions in Iowa. Not only did G01P52 brand perform well in the warm, dry conditions of 2013, it also impressed during the cooler, wetter 2014 and 2015 seasons. Cool, wet seasons can increase disease pressure, but with Quilt Xcel® fungicide applied at full tassel (VT), the corn again grew strong. It’s hybrids like G01P52 brand that can assure growers that regardless of the impact La Niña does or does not have this year, they are prepared.

Of course, just as the weather is unique, each field is unique. Talk with your local Syngenta representative to discuss which hybrids are the best fit for your fields.

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