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Your Checklist for Establishing a Strong Soybean Emergence

February 28, 2022
up close photo of soybean seedlings emerging

Young, emerging soybeans

As you prepare for the upcoming season, you’re making decisions on the best ways to start the season off on the right foot. Soybean yield potential is the highest at the start of the season, so it is crucial to help your soybeans emerge strong to preserve maximum yield potential. Implementing good management practices early in the season can help soybeans prepare for whatever growing conditions we’ll see in 2022.

To help prepare for planting, use our checklist to help your soybeans emerge strong this season.

  • Plan ahead for potential disease pressure: Now is the time to analyze your fields’ history to see which diseases you should prepare for. While we don’t know what Mother Nature will bring in 2022, high disease pressures in 2021 could leave your soybeans more at risk this season. Check in with an ag extension service to learn about potential disease forecasts for your area.
  • Start implementing your 2022 weed management plan: The best way to prevent weeds from stealing your yield is to plant into a clean field and stop weeds emerging in the first place. Preemergence residual herbicides build upon the good work started by a burndown herbicide, layering a strong foundation for a weed-free growing season.
  • Check your soil health: Optimal soybean growth can rely on soil health. Test your soils to see if you need to adjust the pH or adjust the nutrient load.
  • Use a powerful seed treatment: If you’re planting soybeans early to increase yield potential, a seed treatment is crucial to help protect from early-season diseases and insects. Plus, planting into cool, wet soils early may increase your risk of Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) infection.

We recommend Saltro® fungicide seed treatment to protect against SDS and Soybean Cyst Nematode (SCN). With more power than older technology, Saltro provides consistently superior SDS protection without the early-season stress from other products. This means larger and healthier roots, uniform emergence and better plant stands. Saltro is an upgrade in SDS protection that will help your soybeans reach full genetic yield potential, providing an average 4 bu/A yield advantage over ILEVO® seed treatment, under SDS pressure*.

For more information about Saltro, speak to your retailer or visit WhySaltro.com.

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*U.S. trials with SDS pressure; 2015-2019. Trial locations: AR, IL, IA, KS, KY, MI, MN, MO, TN, WI. Trials with significantly different disease incidence/severity rating between Check and SDS treatment.

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Product performance assumes disease presence. Performance assessments are based upon results or analysis of public information, field observations and/or internal Syngenta evaluations. Trials reflect treatment rates commonly recommended in the marketplace.

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